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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you bring to our event?

We bring everything required to run the Smoothie station from start to finish – blenders, staff, requested banners & promotional materials, ingredients, cups, straws, and cleaning equipment.

Where can you set up your smoothie stations? 

We can set up our smoothie stations almost anywhere with a flat surface. Examples include a table, bookshelf, living room... it all depends on the vibe of your event! Usually, the smoothies are made out of sight of the event so we just need somewhere to serve them. If you'd like an on demand smoothie station (i.e smoothies are made to customer orders, this can be arranged).

Do you need a parking space?

Not always. We ask you to fill in a venue and location survey once you've booked your event so we are aware of the parking situation. 

Can you do events outdoors, and do you bring a gazebo or marquee?

Yes we are able to do events outdoors if we have the required facilities. However, we do not bring our own marquee or gazebo. For outdoor events we require the customer to provide a marquee or gazebo. We will happily share with other groups or stands, if that helps.

How many smoothies can you make?

We provide enough smoothies to cater for the demands of your event which will have been discussed and agreed before the event. We will also agree on the size of each serving we are to produce before the event and how they will be served. 

What flavour smoothies do you make?

We bring the ingredients to make the agreed flavours of smoothies. 

How much do you charge people at the event for a smoothie?

Nothing. The packages we offer to you mean that the smoothies are free to your event attendees. All of our costs are covered by the flat rate charged.

Can we charge people at the event for the smoothies?

Yes. But we feel it works better if you don’t. However, if it is very important for your event that you charge a fee to each participant for making a smoothie that’s fine. Please discuss this with us upon booking.