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Elle's 3 Top Tips For Eating Well

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I'm all for being open and honest; I shared with you what I actually eat in a week in a post all on it's own. Naturally, it only seemed right that I then share with you my top tips for eating well. Just 3, mind you. Cos I like to keep it simpElle. Pun intended.


Arm yourself with the knowledge and skills required to eat healthily and cook healthy meals. Learn to read food labels so you can recognise what to avoid and what you need more of. Learn to cook; although in my opinion, if you can read, you can cook! To me, eating healthily and cooking healthy meals comes down to knowing what is in your food and knowing what you can leave out.


Fail to plan, and you plan to fail. This rings true in a lot of aspects of life, but right now, we're gonna apply it to food and what you eat. Plan what you are going to eat for the week ahead. Then buy your groceries accordingly. Put aside a little time to prep some of the food too so that you have it right there to put in tupperware and take for lunch or warm up for dinner without having to slave over the stove for an hour when you're already starving.

Also, shopping to a list (I opt for online, home delivery so I'm not tempted by offers I don't need) means that you don't have junk food in your house to eat when you get one of those "EAT ALL THE FOOD" moments, or is that just me?!

And if there's one thing that is inevitable it's that you will get hungry. When you're no where near home. So plan for this impending hunger and pack some snacks of the healthy variety - some nuts, seeds, fruit, protein bars etc etc. That'l help keep you going till you can either get home, or get to somewhere that sells more than cake and chocolate (although sometimes, a little cake and chocolate doesn't hurt!).


Treat yourself to a couple of new cookbooks and then scan them and mark the recipes you are keen to try. Make it your goal to try new recipes each week, but be realistic, maybe 1-2 a week?! Mixing up your "go to" recipes with new tastes will help to keep you motivated and bring a little bit of discovery and enjoyment back into eating. Cos, in my opinion, just eating because you "have to" is boring. BORING.

Do you have any other top tips for eating well?! 

Elle :) 

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