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Mango, Pineapple, Apple and Coconut Milk Smoothie

RecipeDanielle Linton

Smoothies are a great way to boost our vitamin and mineral intake.  With so many options we really can be spoilt for choice.  Smoothies are so easy to make at home, all you need is some fruit, vegetables or both.  Combining ingredients can be an art.  Some recipes just don't work well and others can be subject to our personal preferences.  When Elle of Borrow My Blender got in touch and asked for a recipe I knew straight away what I wanted to make.  I love sweet things so I went with what my tummy fancied and made a gorgeously smooth, creamy, tasty, topical smoothie that vanished the second my photos were taken as the kids spotted it, damn!!! Note to self, next time make a larger amount.  This smoothie is so simple to make, you just throw everything in to your blender whizz it up, pop it into a glass and slurp it down.  It takes minutes and is so yummy you will be making it over and over.


It's not just the flavour that is important you also should consider nutritional content.  Mangoes contain vitamins A, B's and C , potassium and magnesium.  They can help play a role in eye protection, lower cholesterol, clear the skin and even play a preventative role against some forms of cancer.

Pineapples are also great as they are contain high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants which work on various areas of the body from the eyes and arteries to the immune system.  Pineapple can help reduce inflammation in the body so is great for those with inflammatory arthritic conditions and joint pain.

Apples are another great fruit for smoothies being rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  They provide dietary fibre and this can help trap fats and sugars and helping to eliminate them from the body therefore helping with conditions like diabetes and heart disease.  It's not just there that apples uses end, it's a great fruit that can be useful to help treat various ailments and may even help with weight loss due to their water and fibre content.

My Mango, Pineapple, Apple and Coconut Milk Smoothie is delicious and that's from the children's comments before I had a chance to try it for myself.

Serves One (adult)


1 fresh apple (approx. 140g)

110ml Coconut milk

50g Frozen mango pieces

40g Frozen pineapple pieces



Throw the frozen fruit into your blender.

Peel the apple and quarter and add this too.

Pour the coconut milk over and blend.

Pour into a long glass and enjoy.

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