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Review: VonShef Silver Stand Mixer from Domu

AppliancesDanielle Linton

VonShef, £81.99 (at time of publishing), 

Things have been a little hectic here in the BM//B kitchen so we drafted in the cavalry in the form of the VonShef Silver Stand Mixer. With a 1200W motor and 5,5L jug, it certainly sounded like it was up to the job! 

What we made: Banana Bread Muffins

Let's clarify first of all, that there is no inkling of the Great British Bake Off in this kitchen! We're used to putting in the elbow grease or not bothering at all, so having a stand mixer to do some of the work was a real treat. 

The first task was unboxing; to our surprise this was simple enough. Along with the main unit came 3 attachments (for whisking, mixing, kneading), a lid for the mixing bowl, a dust cover and a '200 Cakes and Bakes' Recipe Book. All was left to do was choose a recipe, attach the relevant accessory and plug it in! 

We also made: Coconut Loaf 

Another disclaimer from our kitchen is that we're not huge fans of complicated recipes. So our idea of baking is throwing everything into one jug and mixing all at once (maybe that's why we love smoothies so much?!). So that's what we did for our muffins and our coconut loaf. Once we were confident we had the right setting and speed (there are a choice of 6) we were able to walk away for a short time to carry on with other tasks. 

We thought we should mention the noise though. We're lucky enough to have a Vitamix in our kitchen so the noise doesn't phase us but we thought we should warn you. Like us, you'll get used to it too! Once you're done, just throw the jug in the dishwaher (or you know, handwash it like us) and the kitchen tidy up is done! 

If silver is not your colour, the VonShef Stand Mixer also comes in red, cream and black to fit in perfectly with your kitchen decor! If you're baking on a budget, then the VonShef is the perfect choice!

Happy Baking! 

- BM//B